4 Guys with Quarters

4 Guys with Quarters

A podcast about current gaming news, events and releases. From time to time we have special guests from the gaming industry.

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    Episode 167: Hellblade Xbox One, Inside Xbox Ep2, HUGE Mixer Upgrade, Cosmetic Advantage?

    In Episode 167, the 4GwQ crew returns to discuss the latest gaming news! We talk about Hellblade finally releasing on Xbox One, Inside Xbox dropping a BUNCH of info during its second episode (including some awesome backwards compatibility news both 360 and OG Xbox-related), Lawsuits for cosmetic items giving advantages in certain games, Mixer getting some awesome new user-friendly overlay features, and more!

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    Episode 165: @Xbot448 Joins to Talk Battle Royale Games, RIP Toys R' Us, Microsoft E3 Plans

    In Episode 165, the 4GwQ crew is joined by Xbot448 - a great friend of the show - to discuss the battle between Fortnite Battle Royale vs PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds vs Darwin Project. These are the three most popular and up-and-coming battle royale genre games, so we think it's important we discuss them now that it seems that players across all platforms are craving games like this now (no insult to H1Z1, but cmon, people have moved on). We also discuss Microsoft's extensive "biggest E3 ever" plans as well as our beloved Toys R' Us finally going out of business across the world. We're sure to sneak a few mini-topics in there, so stay tuned for those as well!

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